Toast Master Course

Date: 19th April 2013

Activities Conducted During The Course

Introducing The Toastmasters Personnel

A great pleasure to have the three toastmasters personnel to enlightened us on the International Toastmaster Organization. They are: Mrs Wendy Wong the Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Mr Mike Foong the Division K Governer and last but not least Mrs Adriana Omar, the Assistant Division K. Governor.


Activities In The Toastmaster Course

Impromptu Speech

Congratulations! We were really impressed on the courage shown by the course participants during the impromptu speech. You 've made it....Keep it up

Project Speech

Mrs Adriana is demonstating the project speech.

Bravo! These are the three BEST Speakers.

Appreciation To The KMTK'S English Unit

Appreciation To The Toastmasters Personnel

MPPB 2011/2012 (23/05/11 till 25/05/11)

Mentor-Mentees Session

MUET Talk - 18/06/2011-Oxford

MIS Application Course- 10/05/2011


English Unit Final Meeting - 10/04/2011

Post Mortem on English Month - 04/03/2011

L.Ron Hubbard - Book Appreciation Session(KMK) -03/04/2011

The Director's Birthday - 30/03/2011

Musical Sketch & Singing Competitions - 02/03/2011

MUET Briefing By Mr Helanor Abdullah-06/08/2010

The Action Research Course by Dr Nordin(USM)-12/02/2011

The UPS2 Coordination Meeting-25/02/2011

MUET Briefing by Mr Zahran Hj Harun-09/09/2010

The English Unit Meeting - 03/08/2010

PPSMI Courses For Lecturers

The English Unit Lecturers

The English Night of KMTK -02/03/2011